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Zero Interest Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Ltd. is an interest free co-operative society operating the free interest loan financial activities as enjoined by Almighty Allah (SWA) i.e forbid riba (usury) on loan, but a fair mechanism, profit/loss sharing principle on investment in proportion of stake.

our objective

  • 1

    provide credit facilities to its members at zero rates of interest for provident and productive purposes.

  • 2

    to encourage regular savings amongst members so that each member may cultivate the habit of making savings at least once monthly, with a view to building up funds for their individual future use.

  • 3

    to undertake and invest in new ventures beneficial to its members and the Society as approved by the Management Committee. These include Projects Financing; Feasibility Studies and etc.

  • 4

    to undertake service businesses that will cater for the primary needs of members and other patrons; like petrol station, ware-housing, Consultancy, farming, Agricultural activities, and etc, managed in the overall interest of members and the Society.

  • 5

    to manage financial portfolios carefully by investing in stocks but guided by the decision of members. In this way, the society shall become part owners of multinationals, banks etc.

our executive members


Abdrahaman O.S. Lekki



Ogunsheye Shamsideen A

Vice - President


Hamza Amina Y.



Ayilara Fatimo O.

Assistanct Secretary


Bamidele Yakub



Shobowale b. Saheed

Financial Secretary


Salako-Oke Aminat