• To apply for membership, loan, procurement or other types of forms, click on forms. On the forms page select 'Apply' for the first time to provide your payment teller details Follow the instructions on the form page to complete the process.
  • To make payment for other than form, click the Payment button or menu. Having supplied the payment details, you can check back to verify if your payment details were confirmed under the 'Check Payment Confirmation' option on the payment page. If you provide valid phone number, you will receive a confirmation SMS when your payment is confirmed.
  • If you are already a member, you can view your account statement summary by clicking on the 'View Account' button. This button will only be visible when you have logged in with your MAJCOP access details (membership number and password). Click the login menu above to login if you have not done so.
  • For further help or support, you can chat with any available agent of ours, use the chat box at the buttom right hand corner of this page.