Land Acquisition Form

This form costs N 1050 only.
You may require a scanned passport potograph in jpeg format not less than 6kb nor more than 20kb in size if you are not a member or have not previously submitted one on our website.
Payment is to be made first to the bank to the society's account number:
Account Name:     Account Number:     Bank: 
You can then visit this page, click on the Enter New Payment link to register your payment by supplying the payment teller's details.
The confirmation shall be completed within 48 hours. You shall receive an email notifying you of the confirmation.
Alternatively, you can keep visiting this page to check if your payment was confirmed. To check, click the Check Payment Confirmation link to check the status of your payment confirmation.
In case your payment is not being confirmed at the lapse of 48 hours, do contact us. Click Here to do so.
On confirmation of your payment, click on the Continue Application link to finish up your application.
Also note that payment made for a particular application form cannot be used for another.

Form Payments

Sorry, you have to check payment confirmation status first. click here to check