Allah says in the holy Qur'an:

و أحل الله البيع وحرّم الربّو ...

"Allah (SWT) has permitted trading and forbidden usury" (Q 2: verse 275)

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1. How To Apply:

Application Forms

To apply for membership, loan, procurement or other types of forms, click on forms. On the forms page select 'Apply' for the first time to provide your payment teller details follow the instructions on the form page to complete the process. Except for part withdrawal, refund and closure that does not required any teller details. The confirmation shall be completed within 48 hours. You shall receive an email/sms notifying you of the confirmation.

Alternatively, you can keep visiting this page to check if your payment was confirmed. To check, click the Check Payment Confirmation link to check the status of your payment confirmation.

In case your payment is not being confirmed at the lapse of 48hrs, do contact us on 08186487160.


Online payment

To make payment for your monthly savings or Loan repayment, click the Payment button or menu. Having supplied the payment details, you can check back to verify if your payment details were confirmed under the 'Check Payment Confirmation' option on the payment page. If you provide valid phone number, you will receive a confirmation SMS when your payment is confirmed.


Checking account online

If you are already a member, you can view your account statement summary by clicking on the 'View Account' button. This button will only be visible when you have logged in with your access details (membership number and password).



Chat with us

You can chat or lodge your complaints with any available agent of ours; use the chat box at the bottom right hand corner of our website home page or call our customer care centre on 08186487160

2.Account officers contacts:

• ADEBAYO DHIKROH (0001 - 3000) 08183109343

• OLAWOYIN SIMIAT (3001 - 5500) 08183109395

• MAFE DHIKROH   (5501 - 8000) 08187325253

• AFOLABI TAOFEEK (8001 - 11000) 08183109392

• JIBOWU SHERIFAT (11001 - 14000) 08183109366

• JIMOH ADESHINA (14001 & Above) 08183109365


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